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Dear Friend,

She was drugged, raped, beaten and shot at. Finally, Mary had to leave her home town so her ex-husband would not kill her. It was then that Mary came to the New Life Evangelistic Center Safe House.

Ramoana fled to St. Louis after her abuser blinded her in her left eye. Because of caring partners like you, Ramoana is now getting the help she needs from NLEC. She says, “Now, I have a safe place to sleep each night and am seeing God work in my life in miraculous ways, both physically and spiritually. I thank God for the people who partner with New Life Evangelistic Center to help women like me start a new life!”

Now it is urgent that New Life Evangelistic Center acquires another house immediately. This is needed so that these traumatized children of God will have a place of refuge.

NLEC must now raise $17,500 in order to match the $17,500 that has been generously given to match dollar for dollar all gifts given for this new Safe House. In order to raise the total $35,000 that is needed to purchase the house and renovate it for women and children, we need your help now!

Mary Ann shares, “I was homeless and sleeping and living outside behind a Walmart after an abusive relationship. I have a 13-year-old son who I am working to get back into my custody. Living at the NLEC Safe House, I will be able to do that! I thank God for the NLEC Safe Houses and the new family I have found there!”

In order to make room for Mary Ann’s son and that of Mary’s we must raise $17,500 immediately. In order to do that we now need your help!

When Maria’s daughter became involved with the wrong group of friends and became addicted to drugs, she physically attacked Maria. Maria was no longer safe in her own home! Maria is now safe in one of the NLEC Safe Houses and says, “Now I am starting a new life with Jesus by serving others through the work of New Life Evangelistic Center. I thank God for the opportunity I’ve been given because of generous donors who care.”

What a joy it would be if you would partner with the New Life Staff by sharing your gift of $100, $50, $250, $500, $1,000 or more. Your gift will now be doubled by the generous matching gift provided by an anonymous donor. By working together, we will see the love of God providing hope and direct help to the homeless and hurting through caring people like you.

Yours in Christ,

Larry Rice

PS Thank you for partnering with New Life Evangelistic Center, in order that women like Mary, Ramoana, Mary Ann and Maria can have a safe place to go. Please be a part of this special matching opportunity by sending in your gift before April 30, 2021.

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