Healing the lives of women in the Metro-East area

This unique residential program allows women to find the healing they need. NLEC’s Women’s Residential Training Program is a residential, 12-24 month comprehensive program that allows them to find the restoration and healing they need to be successful. The NLEC’s Women’s Residential Training Program is built on Biblical principles, leading to lasting, transformative change. Our goal is to get women back on their feet permanently.

In addition to meeting basic needs such as food and shelter, NLEC’s Women’s Residential Training Program includes on-the-job training and life skills training, as well as connections to outside resources geared toward helping residents build a firm foundation.

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Women in NLEC’s Women’s Residential Training Program face a variety of challenges: poverty, domestic violence, toxic relationships, substance abuse, and more. Each student of NLEC’s Women’s Residential Training Program has access to a variety of classes and resources to address the specific challenges leading to homelessness:

Bible study & Chapel

Anger management & Conflict Resolution


Academic classes & Tutoring

Counseling & Therapy

Job skill & Vocational training

Addiction & Recovery Education

Legal Assistance

Healthcare Referrals


NLEC provides a safe place to sleep, as well as hot meals, clothing, hygiene products, and access to warm showers each night.

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Each woman entering into the Men’s Residential Training Program can spend time focusing on wellness. They will be able to visit the doctor & dentist for health evaluations, begin therapy sessions, and adjust to life at NLEC.


The training program provides in-depth training and instruction of job skills such as computer training, reception work, renewable energy, television, and radio production, hospitality, and farming and livestock care.

New Life Evangelistic Center is so much more than shelter.

It’s a catalyst for a hope-filled future.