Restoring the lives of veterans in Mid-America

The Veteran’s Residential Training Program is for veterans who desire to change their lives by learning job skills and living in Christian Community. The New Life Evangelistic Center provides veterans with housing, food, clothing and hygiene items 365 nights a year. The training program, which is a developed program that combines relief services, with education and on-the-job training to homeless veterans in various cities and communities in the Mid-west, provides in-depth training and instruction of job skills such as computer training, reception work, renewable energy, television, and radio production, hospitality, and farming and livestock care.

This program allows men to find the restoration and healing they need to be successful.  NLEC provides a safe place to sleep, as well as hot meals, clothing, hygiene products, and access to warm showers each night. Veterans who come to NLEC are looking for a new life, and we are here to support them.

After joining the Veterans Program, applicants will share room and board and receive extensive training in a wide variety of fields. Life skills are learned in on-the-job training. Willingness to grow mentally and spiritually and take on a wide range of responsibilities is necessary. Members voluntarily agree to quit smoking and travel to other ministry locations where the need is greatest. Those who receive full benefits must be willing to give 40% of their income in return for full room and board.

The Veteran’s Residential Training Program  is built on founded upon: prayer, bible study, faith, hope, responsibility, and Christian Community, leading to lasting, transformative change. Our goal is to get men back on their feet permanently. NLEC believes that healing is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the support of Christian Community.

Need Help?
Your life matters. We believe that you were created on purpose for a purpose. If you need a pause from life to focus on your wellness, we are here to help.

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
2428 Woodson Rd., Overland, MO 63114

Baseline Requirements
Please call for an updated list of requirements.

(800) 334-3276
(314) 421-3020

Students of the Veteran’s Residential Training Program  face a variety of challenges: poverty, substance abuse, toxic relationships, and more. Each member of the Veteran’s Residential Training Program  has access to a variety of resources to address the specific challenges leading to homelessness:

Bible Study & Chapel

Job skill & Vocational training

Healthcare Referrals


Each man entering into the Veteran’s Residential Training Program  can spend time focusing on wellness. They will be able to visit the doctor & dentist for health evaluations, begin therapy sessions, and adjust to life at NLEC.

Education & Training

Men will learn a variety of skills as they move throughout the various NLEC locations.  Some of the skills that they will learn are:  building and home maintenance and repair, light construction, renewable energy, running a farm, managing a radio and television studio, and clerical tasks.


Each man will be part of a small, stable home environment.

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Springfield, MO Center

In 2008, as a response to the growing number of homeless veterans in Missouri and under the Stuart McKinney-Vento Act, NLEC obtained the old Social Security building at 806 N. Jefferson Ave, in Springfield to help homeless veterans in Springfield and the surrounding areas.  NLEC then launched the Veterans Coming Home Program. For more information, click here!

St. Louis

A variety of programs are provided. Please call (314) 421-3020 for more information.

Below are stories and testimonies of men who have received help and support from NLEC.

New Life Evangelistic Center is so much more than a shelter. It is a catalyst for a hope-filled future.