Donita M. | 2021

Donita stayed at New Life Evangelistic Center in the late 1970’s at the Park Avenue location.  She was a small child and stayed there with her mother and her eight siblings! (YES, there were NINE of them) 😊 She remembers as a child that it was “fun” and yet, they were grateful to have food… Read more “Donita M. | 2021”

Stacy S. | 2000

I have been without heat or lights for many months now. When I went to other places asking for help – they all said that they were out of money. My youngest son suffers the most because of his asthma, which flares up during hot days. My mom told me to go to New Life… Read more “Stacy S. | 2000”

Ruth K. | 2000

My name is Ruth Kenney and I have been a volunteer for New Life Evangelistic Center for more than seven years. I love helping people and telling them about the Lord and how He can change their lives. Volunteering for NLEC has been the best thing that has happened in my life! And it is… Read more “Ruth K. | 2000”

Lee E. | 1972

Jesus Breaks Through Pride and Prejudice I have always known about Jesus and God, but I just ignored Him and vowed that I would never set foot in a church. Since I was 11 years old up to about 6 months ago, I have been active in the drug and alcohol scene. Every time someone… Read more “Lee E. | 1972”

Jennifer S., RN | 2000

I am a Registered Nurse at a local hospital and I will never forget the man who had just returned home after being gone for over 20 years. It seems he went back to his grandmother’s house, only to find that no one was there. It seemed that none of her grandmother’s neighbors knew where… Read more “Jennifer S., RN | 2000”

Robert G | 1972

Free in a Jail Cell I had a little problem which led to a bigger one. I was always stealing things which didn’t belong to me. Then it got to be where I was always stealing in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the age of 16 I was involved in a first-degree… Read more “Robert G | 1972”

Eddy | 1992

Thanks to New Life Evangelistic Center I feel like a Worthy Human Being There are as many reasons for homelessness as there are homeless people. My own reason is due to a lifetime of drinking and self-indulgence. For many, many homeless, the reason is not of their own making. But, for whatever reason, being homeless… Read more “Eddy | 1992”

Glenna S.

Glenna came to St. Louis after her father passed away in Spokane, WA and she had no other family there.  She has a brother here in St. Louis, so she came here and stayed with her brother until she found a job and her own place to live.   Glenna lost her job at Goodwill after they… Read more “Glenna S.”


NLEC helps a lot of people who are homeless and disabled that would have nowhere else to go.   At New Life I was given the opportunity to grow through the programs at New Life.  It is more than just a homeless shelter where you come in at night, and then get kicked out in the morning. … Read more “Dwight”

Audrey and Family

My children and I were living in a two-bedroom apartment that caught fire and was unlivable. We immediately became homeless. I called around to relatives and there was no one who could bear the burden of all of us for shelter, clothing, food, and our basic daily necessities. I called the Homeless Hotline and they put me in touch with NLEC for emergency shelter.… Read more “Audrey and Family”


Roger is blind because of Diabetes and Glaucoma – and in a wheelchair due to complications from diabetes (unable to walk long distances). In 2004 his eyes got worse, and the doctor tried but couldn’t keep him from going blind.  Roger was incarcerated for 10 years and spent those years within the Missouri Correctional System.  When he was… Read more “Roger”

James Y. – 1972

james yokley in the kkll studio

I awakened with a gun pointed to my head. Shocked and scared, I watched as burglars walked out of my house with all my furniture and appliances. But what I saw next really struck horror and hate into my heart. The ringleader violated and raped my girlfriend – in front of me! I was so… Read more “James Y. – 1972”


The NLEC first responders among the homeless met Matthew at a south St. Louis grocery store looking rather dejected. Someone had maliciously destroyed his… Read more “Matthew”


My first day on the streets was the worst day of my life.  It rained on me, I was cold and shivered all night. … Read more “Robert”

Leslie and Shannon

Somewhere along the line my husband, Shannon and I started shooting dope together and slept very little. Instead of turning to each other, we… Read more “Leslie and Shannon”


Dara and her 2 yr-old son had to leave the building they were living in because of problems there.
Dara came to NLEC first responders… Read more “Dara”


Angelina and her three children, ranging in age from nine to fifteen, have been homeless and living in their vehicle and at times in… Read more “Angelina”


Racheal had been calling 211 (The United Way Homeless Services Hotline) for three days straight only to be told, each day, there were no… Read more “Racheal”

Will and Jodie

The evening that the NLEC first responders found Will and Jodie it was 5 degrees above zero with a wind chill of minus 15. Will and… Read more “Will and Jodie”


My name is Teddy Foster and I came from Springfield, through the Veterans Coming Home Center. Rev. Rice helped me get into this training program to help me get closer… Read more “Teddy”


I was on a greyhound bus heading to see my family in Kentucky. I was supposed to get off in Clarksville, TN but I fell asleep. Before I… Read more “Susan”


My name is Carl Benham. I came to NLEC after losing my job and then my apartment. I then found myself homeless. After joining their leadership program, I… Read more “Carl”

Monique & Theo

I was in an abusive relationship with the father of my child. I felt like I had no direction or anyone to vent to in my life. After… Read more “Monique & Theo”


I was working for the Baptist Church when everything was shut down due to Covid 19. I lost my job and my apartment and became homeless. I went… Read more “Bob”


I was guided by the police on a Sunday to go to St. Patrick’s Center and knock on the door and someone would come and help me. I… Read more “Haley”


Since finding Jesus I have managed to stay sober from Alcohol for over a year now. I was able to quit smoking cigarettes. I have also taken on… Read more “Jacob”


I came to New Life Evangelistic Center after being in the Teen Challenge program. I first went to New Bloomfield and then came to work at the NLEC… Read more “Ryan”


Ever since 2/13/19, life has changed for me in the blink of an eye. My mother passed away and deep depression came over me.… Read more “Christopher”


Rev. Rice brought me in off of the streets where I was homeless with no direction for my life. I am now working… Read more “Robert”


I came to NLEC out of a bad relationship and looking for a better life. Since I have been here in the NLEC… Read more “Andri”

AJ and Alisha

When my husband and I joined the Leadership Training Program at the NLEC Veteran’s Coming Home Center, things were not good for us.  We… Read more “AJ and Alisha”


I have grown really close to God through the NLEC training program. I turned my back on God before. I turned to… Read more “James”


My mother never had time for me, so my brothers basically raised me. They were very abusive towards me. When I was eight years old, my mother decided that she did not want me anymore, so she sent me to live with her father. My life only… Read more “Sherri”


I lost my job in Illinois and came to NLEC where I came to know God. I used to use alcohol and drugs before… Read more “Neil”


When God delivered me to NLEC I was a full-blown drug addict that had no end in sight. Since my New and exciting… Read more “Kodie”


NLEC has helped me by giving me a place to stay, a vehicle to drive & saw my leadership ability to put me in charge of the people and houses.  I came to them because I honestly believe that God sent me to them. It gives me… Read more “Linda”


When I was rescued by New Life Evangelistic Center I was hungry living in a vacant house. I was cold and sick. Then God answered my prayers and now I have a loving home with a caring family and my support dog Sparky. I could have died… Read more “Karen”


After years of alcoholism destroying relationships, job opportunities and more, I found myself homeless.  Pastor Chris Aaron gave me hope that I could become… Read more “Barbara”


I became homeless because of addiction and domestic violence.
Because of both, I lost my job. Since I had no money coming in,… Read more “Peggy”


I am deaf in both ears and being on the streets is especially scary when you can’t hear what is going on around you.… Read more “Kim”

Terry and Corey

I was homeless in Springfield, Mo., where my son Corey and I slept in my car. I would drive him to school each day then return in the afternoon to… Read more “Terry and Corey”


Coming here to the shelter was a miracle in my life. If it wasn’t for New Life Evangelistic Center and the new family I have in Christ, I would have… Read more “Brenda”

Jerome Bracely

Born in 1958 in St. Louis, Missouri, Pastor Jerome Bracely of Stepping into the Light Ministries is an embodiment of the saying, “they don’t need to hear you… Read more “Jerome Bracely”

Kymal Dockett

Hello my name is Kymal Dockett I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri to Richard and Wilma Dockett March 29, 1973. I grew… Read more “Kymal Dockett”

Quentin and Rosemary

My wife and I came to the NLEC Veteran’s Coming Home Center without our children because we were homeless and didn’t have a stable… Read more “Quentin and Rosemary”

Levi and Stella

Four and a half years ago my wife Stella and I concluded that our only way out of our hopeless homeless situation was to commit suicide. We agreed that we were going to sit on highway 65 outside of Mount Vernon, Illinois until we were struck by a vehicle and killed. We had lost everything.… Read more “Levi and Stella”


When I was in Springfield, I was lost. I was an addict. I was homeless, tired and depressed. I was looking for happiness. Now, here I am in New Bloomfield at the Mid America Training Center in the residential training program. I am sober and at peace… Read more “Peter”


NLEC has helped me by giving me a safe place to live.  I am now able to help other women who are on the streets. It is a… Read more “Gwen”