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I was on a greyhound bus heading to see my family in Kentucky. I was supposed to get off in Clarksville, TN but I fell asleep. Before I knew it, the driver was announcing our arrival to St. Louis, Missouri. I had no money or place to stay in St. Louis. So, I asked the police to help me find a shelter. They were unable to convince St. Patrick’s to take me in, so they got me some food and a drink and pointed out some shade for me to rest. As I walked to the spot, Dave and Pastor Mark from NLEC asked me if I would like to meet Rev. Rice and get some food and hygiene items.

I was very hungry so when he said that they had cereal, I jumped at the chance to eat.
Rev. Rice told me he had been praying for a miracle, and so had I. Rev. Rice told me he had an opening at NLEC’s Safe House and I was welcome to come stay. I could feel the power of the Lord working. I am so thankful for Rev. Rice and NLEC staff for taking me in and giving me a safe place to lay my head! Now, I am joining the Residential Training Program and am excited to be able to help others who are hurting and homeless.


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