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Roger is blind because of Diabetes and Glaucoma – and in a wheelchair due to complications from diabetes (unable to walk long distances).

In 2004 his eyes got worse, and the doctor tried but couldn’t keep him from going blind. 

Roger was incarcerated for 10 years and spent those years within the Missouri Correctional System. 

When he was released, he was taken to where he thought his wife and son were living, only to find that the house was boarded up and vacant. 

At this point, the cab driver called the police because he didn’t have the money to pay for the cab ride and the police came and offered to bring Roger to New Life Evangelistic Center which, according to the police, was the only thing they knew to do. 

After arriving at NLEC, Pastor Chris was able to find and communicate with Roger’s son who now lives in Athens, MO.  He found out that his wife died in 2008 and DOC never told him, even though he had listed her and his son on his “home plan” for leaving prison at the completion of his sentence.  His son has since visited Roger twice while at NLEC and helped him with things that he needed. 

Since arriving at NLEC Roger has been helped greatly by Pastor Chris Rice and thanks him for his time and energy he has devoted in trying to help him get the services and assistance he needs.  He really appreciates the Bible Studies that the men have every morning and says, “The Bible Studies in the morning help me to hear God’s word new every day.  My relationship with God has grown closer since I have been at New Life.” 

Roger, 2014

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