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Free in a Jail Cell

I had a little problem which led to a bigger one. I was always stealing things which didn’t belong to me. Then it got to be where I was always stealing in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the age of 16 I was involved in a first-degree burglary. I had let some so-called friends of mine talk me into breaking into a lady’s apartment. She was assaulted by one of my “friends”. I was charged with burglary and assault and sentenced to eight years. After two year and seven months in the pen, I was released on parole.

I was ready to straighten up for good. Yes, I was ready for everything, except God. If only I would have had God on my mind, I wouldn’t have the biggest problem of my life today. I let the Devil influence me into breaking into a lady’s home. This was a mistake that may cost me my life. I stole a watch, a ring, a fan, and a television. Then I left and told a couple of “friends” what I had done, as if it were a big deal. I was arrested the next day by five or six homicide detectives. I found out I was arrested for first degree murder. I remembered my “friends” had entered the house after I had talked with them. Could they have killed the lady? But it really didn’t matter to me. The police would solve the murder by convicting me. I was losing my hair, worrying day and night.
Then one day while I was at Central, I had an unusual visitor. God sent me a tall, white man to remind me of Him and to let me know there really is a God. This man was Larry Rice. He and I prayed together, and I turned my life over to God. Larry had read my case in the newspaper and God told him to come and see me because I needed help. He told me not to worry myself and to smile. So, I’ve been smiling ever since.

Shortly I was moved from Central to City Jail. Larry has been coming to see me 3 times a week. Bruce also comes and visits me and teaches me about God and His love. Steve Fitzgerald, who belongs to the Legion of Mary, accepted me back into the Legion. Steve, Larry, and Bruce are working very hard to prove my innocence. I’m not going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, either! I know this is wrong because God told me so. What man on earth would steal in the presence of God?

I was recently moved to the fifth floor, the worst floor in city jail. I told the fellows about God and some of them have turned their lives over to Him. Larry, Steve, and Bruce have helped me find myself, and realize that life is worth living and that God is real. I saw how happy they were, working for God, and I just had to be a part of this. If or when I ever get released, I wish to be a part of New Life Evangelistic Center. Before I close, I’d like you to know that here, at City Jail, some of the inmates and I hold Bible studies and try to help one another make this world a better place to live in and show God’s love.

Robert G. – 1972

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