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My first day on the streets was the worst day of my life.  It rained on me, I was cold and shivered all night.  I had cramps in my back and I prayed that God would help me not to get hyperthermia.  I must have prayed that five times.  At 8:00 am I went to the NLEC Veterans Coming Home Center in Springfield.  I was able to get dry socks and a pair of dry shoes.  God had blessed me above what I could ask for.  I met a new friend, Tim.  He had a tent and sleeping bags and blankets so Tim and I would camp out by a bridge on Chestnut Street.  When it rained or wind blew from the north we set our tent under the bridge.  We drank vodka and smoked pot.  It wasn’t what God was wanting me to do.  When I heard Chris Aaron Rice talking to one of the guys that worked there, he had an application for the NLEC training program. He answered my prayers and I joined New Life’s residential training program.  I’ve gone over a month now drug free.  I have more energy and feel a lot better.  No hangover, plus we have church every morning.  I like what I’m doing caring for animals.  It gives me pride to be a farmer and take care of the NLEC Free Store.  I have a bed to sleep in and a TV.  What a blessing.  I cook and clean for myself.  I’m off the streets and doing something productive with my life.  I feel good about what I’m doing now. I am no longer homeless! 


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