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Somewhere along the line my husband, Shannon and I started shooting dope together and slept very little. Instead of turning to each other, we turned to the needle. We quit caring about our appearances and our overall well-being. If we couldn’t find a clear needle we would pick up a used rig right off the ground. It wasn’t long before I wound up with a severe infection in my arm. It hurt so bad. Shannon bumped into my arm and I thought I would die the pain was so bad. We went to the hospital where they did emergency surgery. They removed a grapefruit sized area from my arm of rotten flesh and left my arm to heal from the inside out. Vowing to never do dope again, we decided it was time to getclean. Swearing to never touch it again. Shannon and I both wound up in the hospital with pneumonia. For the next 2 years we struggled with being homeless and trying to get help and with finding places to live. We would sleep outside behind the bank, behind Price Cutter. I went to treatment in October and then went to a sober living home while Shannon stayed at the vacant floral shop on Kearney. We were sick and tired of being apart. It was then that we accepted NLEC ‘s – New Life Evangelistic Center’s invitation to become part of their residential training program in Marshfield. Now we are clean and sober as we work with Chris and Martha Rice. We couldn’t be happier to be here on the farm in Marshfield. God has blessed us by leaps and bounds.

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