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Hello my name is Kymal Dockett I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri to Richard and Wilma Dockett March 29, 1973. I grew up in the University City area where I attended Pershing Elementary, Brittany Woods Junior High, and University City Senior High at that time home of the Indians. My last two years I went to O’Fallon Technical School to receive a Certificate in Culinary Arts.

After High School I had no real direction and started living a life of drugs, drinking and going to parties. Even though I graduated and had a full-time job at the Marriott working in Hospitality, my night life slowly took a toll on me and I decided to quit my job and run the streets full-time. What a big mistake, with in a matter of months I’d gotten involve in stealing and using other people’s credit cards; in which I was caught and had to serve time in a state institution for possession and use of stolen credit cards. In prison I was introduced to harder drugs and that drug use continued after my release from prison.

For years I have struggled with jumping from job to job, house to house, relationship to relationship; it was not until I came to New Life that my life style slowed down and I made a personal commitment to do better in life. New Life received me in at a time I lacked direction and was in need of a change. I thought that the two year program would be an awesome opportunity to get involve and do something constructive with my life.

While in the program I was involve in Media Production; I learned how to setup for television shows, edit footage to go on television, commercial development, camera operation, interviewing people, computer programming and I even went to Washington D.C. to cover a story that involve the Occupy Movement rallying together to stop the Tar-sands pipeline from going through the Midwest. Coming to New Life has been an enriching time for me. I am now the Program Director of KNLC Channel 24 and a co-host on one of Channel 24’s talk shows News and Views.

But most importantly being at New Life gave me the time to develop my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To be involved in full-time ministry for two years, and not leave out with the guidance and direction of Jesus Christ, would have been a tragedy. Seeing all the hurting people that come through those doors on a daily basis was an eye opener to me that God needs soldiers out here that are willing to be on the front line through prayer and community outreach.

In addition to the Media Production and Ministry Out-reach; God blessed me with the ability to write poetry and while at New Life I finished writing and developing 83 poems, which are now in a published book call The Pen of a Ready Writer-The Heart of a Poet! That is now available at under search you can type my name or the name of the book and see my web page. I am now currently promoting the book among friends and family, and the book will soon be available in local book-stores and other venues.

I would like to thank New Life and all those that support the work, for if it had not been for the faithfulness of you where would I be.

My heart over flows with a noble theme as I recite my verses to the King, my tongue is like the pen of a ready writer; I will go before Kings and Queen a gift that was hindered can now be seen, and this is my poetic dream……..The Ready Writer!

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