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Born in 1958 in St. Louis, Missouri, Pastor Jerome Bracely of Stepping into the Light Ministries is an embodiment of the saying, “they don’t need to hear you talking, if they can see how you’re walking.” More than 5000 men have been served through Stepping in the Light Ministry (SILM). They have come off the streets, embraced Jesus as their Savior, given up substance abuse, found steady employment, and some are now married men and fathers. This deliverance ministry has had a remarkable 70% success rate in recovery from addiction.

Jerome spent fifteen years addicted to drugs and alcohol, until he received God’s help through Rev. Larry Rice at New Life Evangelistic Center. While seeking deliverance from his addictions, Jerome made a promise to God, “If you can deliver me, I will dedicate my life to freeing others.” Stepping into the Light Ministry was born out of this promise.

In God’s providence, the building now used by the ministry was purchased for $1, and even the $1 used to buy the building was donated, since Jerome had no money in his pockets. Since Stepping into the Light Ministries began its work in Old North St. Louis in 1995, the drug dealers who used to frequent the area have fled, property values have risen, and urban redevelopment is advancing throughout the neighborhood. SILM has helped to transform a whole community, as well as the thousands of men who have left behind homelessness and drug addiction.

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