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james yokley in the kkll studio

I awakened with a gun pointed to my head.

Shocked and scared, I watched as burglars walked out of my house with all my furniture and appliances.

But what I saw next really struck horror and hate into my heart.

The ringleader violated and raped my girlfriend – in front of me! I was so angry. I was so disgusted. But there was nothing I could do.

As they forced me to watch this brutal act, everything in me wanted kill these animals. With the gun glued to the side of my head – I had to face it – I was totally helpless.

Finally, my house emptied and my girlfriend raped and bloodied, these savages left. As I sat cradling my girlfriend in my arms, I knew all of this was my fault. I had reaped what I had sown. My life of drugs and being around people who did drugs had finally caught up with me.

And I found it so very strange that I was still alive.


Although I should have taken the time to really think about this question, I did not. I knew instinctively, that God had spared me. But I didn’t want to acknowledge and serve Him.

I was a very stubborn kind of fella. Hard-headed, I continued in dealing with drugs.

When I came to New Life Evangelistic Center, I was a beaten, battered and bruised drug addict. NLEC helped to restore me not only physically but more so spiritually. Presently, I am receiving radio broadcast training through the Here’s Help Radio Network at KKLL 1100 AM and KWAS 1230 AM in Joplin, Missouri.

Now I know why god has spared my life over and over again. It is because He loves me and because he wants to give my live value and meaning. It seems that whenever I have taken my life back from God, whenever I have begun calling the shots, whenever I started telling God to move over and let me have the wheel – I burn up and crash and my life goes down the drain. 

That is why the children of Israel had to wander around in the wilderness for 40 years – they refused to allow Jesus to be the Lord of their lives and leaned upon their own understanding. They chose to be rebellious and stubborn children rather than obedient children seeking God’s righteousness.

The Lord has taught me that if I am not serving Him – I am serving Satan. And the Father of Lies will lead his followers to destruction, death and hell.

I know now why I am still here and I have decided to make Jesus my choice.


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