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Glenna came to St. Louis after her father passed away in Spokane, WA and she had no other family there.  She has a brother here in St. Louis, so she came here and stayed with her brother until she found a job and her own place to live.  

Glenna lost her job at Goodwill after they discovered she had received a diagnosis of macular degeneration.  Subsequently, Glenna lost her apartment because she didn’t find another job in time to pay her rent, and bills, etc.  

Glenna moved back in with her brother, but things weren’t working out.  Then she stayed out on the streets for a couple of months.  She was on the streets in South County and hadn’t eaten in several days.  She had her dog with her and didn’t want her dog put to sleep if it was taken to the humane society.  At this point Glenna decided she didn’t want to live and had decided to take a whole bunch of pills and be done with being cold, hungry, wet from the rain, hot from the sun, from being alone.  She didn’t know God and didn’t know how to pray, but she cried out for God to help her and her dog.  

Glenna was in a parking lot for Schnucks and was just kind of zoned out after having decided that she was going to kill herself when a car drove by her and pulled in to the parking lot.  A lady got out and asked her if she was ok?  After a couple of times of asking Glenna if she was ok (Glenna didn’t realize the lady was talking to her at first because she was used to being “invisible” as a homeless person living on the street), she asked her who she was and the lady told her that her name was Ann and that Jesus told her to turn around and see if Glenna (that lady) was ok?  Glenna though the lady was crazy at first, but then Glenna remembered the prayers that she had sent out and knew that God was real, that He loves her, and that He answers prayer!  

Ann helped Glenna by getting her something to eat and then began the search to find shelter for Glenna.  After calling the Housing Resource Hotline to find that there was no room anywhere for Glenna.  Ann called New Life Evangelistic Center.  They told her that if she could have Glenna there by check in time, that she would have a bed that night.  Once Glenna had a solution for her dog – Ann offered to take her dog (Willard) home with her until Glenna could find a home for herself where Willard could join her.  Ann brought Glenna to New Life that day and continues to be an Angel in Glenna’s life keeping in touch with her.   

Glenna has been at New Life now since June 5, 2014.  Since she has been here she is learning how to read the Bible and enjoys going to Bible Study.  She is reading John and really likes the story of Lazarus.  Glenna has joined the Two Year Program and feels like being in the program is giving her the opportunity to help others who are where she came from.  She understands how hopeless they feel and can reach them.    

Glenna says, “If it weren’t for New Life right now I would be dead.  When I came to New Life my life changed for the better, I no longer think about killing myself.  I know that God loves me and has a plan for my life.” 


Glenna – 2014 

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