My Dear Friend of the hurting and homeless,

First it was the COVID-19 pandemic.  Then the severe cold weather of February, 2021.  If it were not for the caring partners of New Life Evangelistic Center, homeless individuals like Charles could have frozen to death.


Charles has no legs.  He is homeless.  Trying to survive in a wheel chair in 8 inches of snow was becoming an impossibility for Charles.  When the NLEC team discovered Charles’s need, they immediately took steps to put him into a motel room and connect him with a case worker who will help him get into permanent housing.

Charles is not alone.  In less than two weeks, New Life has spent tens of thousands of dollars on just housing the homeless in emergency situations and providing them with transportation assistance. 

Angelina and her three children

Angelina was trying to live out of her car with her three children.  As the temperatures dropped to zero, Angelina contacted New Life first responders and received immediate assistance. 

John and Dava

John and Dava were living in a tent inside an abandoned warehouse before they were rescued by the NLEC team.  None of this would have been possible if it were not for caring partners like you!


Kemyta’s 15-year-old son had been murdered in October, 2020.  She then ended up homeless as she struggled with depression over her loss.  She could have been left to freeze if it were not for the warm hearts of caring partners like you who support the lifesaving work of New Life Evangelistic Center.

The many thousands of dollars sited earlier are just a small part of the resources needed by New Life Evangelistic Center to help the homeless throughout Mid-America.  Many thousands in additional resources have been spent in just the greater St. Louis area to maintain the safe houses for the homeless women and children plus help the poor and elderly to keep their utilities on during COVID-19.

Even as the weather warms up I must still issue an emergency appeal to meet the many additional needs New Life continues to face every day as growing numbers of desperate homeless people are contacting it for help.


Jamie is one of the St. Louis area homeless women who came to New Life Evangelistic Center for refuge in one of its safe houses.  She had been sleeping in various parking garages before she found shelter at one of the NLEC safe houses.  Since 1972 NLEC has been providing shelter for the homeless men, women and children in St. Louis.

Daily hundreds of homeless individuals come to the New Life Evangelistic Center at 806 N. Jefferson in Springfield.  At this facility, not only do the homeless receive three meals a day, but can shower, do their laundry, use computers to find jobs, store their personal belongings, receive their mail and a host of other services.  Then, each night the city sends two buses to take these homeless men and women to various shelters and returns them to NLEC the next morning.  

The New Life Trainings Centers in St. Louis, New Bloomfield, Springfield, House Springs and Marshfield, Missouri are helping growing numbers of men and women from throughout Mid America to be set free from the cycle of homelessness.  These individuals like Linda, Terry and her son Corey, Karen, Barbara, Gwen, Janet and many others now have a place they can call home, because of caring NLEC partners like you.

At this moment Ryan and Hannah need emergency assistance.  They can no longer live in the vacant building they are in.  Hannah has an infection called staphylococcus (MRSA) which is life threatening if it gets into her blood stream.  New Life has helped Ryan to find a job and with New Life’s assistance in the near future they will be able to break the cycle of homelessness in their lives.

During this Lenten season, as we prepare for the celebration of the resurrection, I must ask you to please be part of the special miracle that is urgently needed at this time.  $55,000 must be received by March 22.  This is truly an emergency appeal that is being made to you at this time of crisis.

Dara and her two-year-old son

The weather may be warming up, but the needs among the homeless men, women and children in our community are growing daily.  Your gift of $100, $50, $250, $500, $1,000 or whatever you can share will truly be an answer to the prayers of the homeless.

There are so many more like Dara and her two-year-old son who need your help now.  Will you be part of their Lenten miracle by sharing your most generous gift of love?

Yours in Christ,

Larry Rice


PS By supporting New Life Evangelistic Center you are helping not only relieve human suffering, but to restore the faith and hope of the homeless for the future.  As you give you will be allowing the love of God flow through you to help the homeless experience the resurrection power of Christ, as they are set free from the cycle of homelessness.

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