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Paparao, the Director of the New Life Evangelistic Center branch in Kakinada, India, sends his thanks for the help and support for the Lord’s work in India.
He also writes that in some villages, people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and God, are prevented from accessing drinking water and purchasing food items. They are even not allowing them to walk on the public roads of that village. Sometimes, due to this situation, people are becoming depressed and committing suicide. To help these newborn Christians, in few villages we are planning to construct shelters for these people. In one village, we have started to construct such shelter where the hopeless and outcasted people can take shelter and have meals. This shelter will be used to conduct church services on regular basis. Also, this shelter can be used to give education to the children and to the illiterate adults.

We want to provide some work to those who take shelter in this building, like agriculture field work among other types of work. They will have opportunities to work every day and spend time in our New Life Prayer Warrior group.

Here are some photos of construction of this small facility where the outcasted people are working. If you would like to give toward this project, or any of the work in India, please donate here. Find out more about our Missions work in other countries here

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