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During the coronavirus “shut down” and as businesses reopen, the New Life Evangelistic Center outreach team members have distributed over 3,500 personal hygiene kits in Mid-America, plus hundreds more in India.  In addition, they provide bag lunches, water, and other essential items to the homeless daily and they are invited to become a part of the NLEC Residential Training Program.

As the seeds of hope and love are planted, the response has been nothing short of miraculous.

The book, “Planting the Seeds of Hope and Love During Covid-19” was written to share these miraculous stories with you, along with seven short inspirational messages by Rev. Larry Rice and insights by Ray Redlich, Chris Aaron Rice and Paparao Yeluruchi.

You can read and download the book in its entirety here:

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You can also request a paper copy of this book through the form below or by calling (314) 421-3020.

GIVE so NLEC can continue to plant seeds of hope and love among the poor and homeless.

Planting Seeds of Hope and Love During Covid-19 Book

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