Homeless Prevention:

NLEC knows that the best way to fight homelessness is to stop it before it starts. When someone’s housing status is jeopardized by a crisis, NLEC intervenes to help prevent homelessness by assisting in the following areas:

  • Job Loss –  NLEC provides limited Financial Aid, in the form of bus tickets, to people who are actively seeking employment, but do not have the funds for bus or Metrolink fare.
  • Utility Disconnection –  NLEC provides information on Renewable Energy to help them in lowering their energy bills and very limited Financial Aid to people who have received a disconnection notice from an electric or gas company.  Call NLEC, at (314) 421-3020) on Fridays at 8:00 a.m. to set up an appointment.
  • Eviction –  Periodically, NLEC provides limited Financial Aid to people who are at risk for eviction from their home.

Hundreds of thousands of people have found a home or have been given help because of New Life Evangelistic Center and the generous gifts from people like you.

Homeless Transformation:

When families and people do become homeless, NLEC seeks to foster and fulfill their own motivation to help themselves.

When clients show this desire, NLEC equips them with job training, addiction counseling, spiritual guidance, and whatever else they might need to become permanently housed and gainfully employed.

Homeless Empowerment and Education:

NLEC’s unique on-the-job training program not only benefits the homeless but also the community as a whole.

Regular renewable energy fairs, where the formerly homeless trainees share renewable energy skills they learn, have introduced thousands throughout the Midwest to the world of renewable energy.

Through Missouri Renewable Energy and the Here’s Help Network and NLEC TV, staffed by the formerly homeless, educational and informational programming is reaching more people. The nationwide Renewable Energy Satellite network teaches about sustainable living, renewable energy, gardening and much more — providing even more opportunities.

If you would like to know more about Financial Aid or you are in need of help, please call 1-800-242-3276.

If you would like to give to help the homeless and working poor in your community, please give below.