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As thousands of people in India are dying daily due to COVID-19, New Life Evangelistic Center is on the front lines working to save lives in Kakinada, South India. Presently, NLEC has more than 70 Covid-19 patients in its hospital. There are 4 to 6 people dying everyday. These numbers are growing daily, now it is urgent that you help New Life save lives by partnering with it to acquire 4 ventilators and oxygen. This will cost a total of $60,000. Until this need is met, the NLEC Staff will have to continue to carry bodies out of the hospital.

There are so many patients seeking help at the New Life Evangelistic Center hospital that they are putting two patients in each bed. For $300, you can sponsor a new bed. Our goal is to raise an additional $15,000 for the purchase of 50 new beds. Will you help save a life today?

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UPDATE: April 28, 2021
Pastor Paparao Yelurchi
Kakinada, South India

A 75-year-old Venkateswarrao who retired a few years back, came to our hospital with his daughter to secure a bed because he was Covid-19 positive and was suffering from breathlessness. When brought to the hospital, he was barely able to breathe and all the formalities for his admission to the hospital had been completed. It was then that Venkateswarrao Rao saw a woman wailing and requesting the hospital authorities to admit her 40-year-old husband and provide him with oxygen. Her children were also crying. Venkateswarrao told the medical staff that he was 75 and had lived his life and settled all his children and, if there are no beds available, the bed reserved for him be given to the man whose family needs him. His daughter didn’t accept his decision to give away his secured bed since they went from hospital to hospital in search of a bed and oxygen cylinder. He looked into his daughter’s eyes and said, “This lady needs her husband more. I have lived my life completely and with content. Now, I want to go home and die peacefully. At least let me help this grieving family.”

Venkateswarrao Rao signed the consent letter and returned home, where he died after three days.

Some very hard choices are being made on minute to minute basis at our charitable hospital. There is a very severe shortage of beds, ventilators, and oxygen support in all hospitals. Securing a bed with ventilator and oxygen support is next to impossible these days for anyone suffering from Covid-19 here in India.

Our charitable hospital has a maximum capacity of 40 beds, but due to the heavy influx of patients, we are able to accommodate 10 additional COVID patients. By accommodating in staff rooms, doctor’s consultation rooms, and operation theatres, we are treating up to 70 patients per day. Without these adjustments, many lives will be lost in a matter of days. That being said, here is more information for you to share with those praying for us in the United States.

  1. How many deaths are you seeing each day?
    ANSWER: The mortality rate in our hospital is between 4-6 people per day. we are expecting that this figure could go up in the coming days.
  2. How many people are waiting to get into the hospital?
    ANSWER: Presently we are operating our charitable hospital with maximum capacity. If the situation deteriorates, we need to add more beds and ventilators. At any given time, we have 50 COVID-19 patients taking treatment in our hospital, and when a death or discharge occurs, the next available bed is given to the patients on the waiting list. As of today, there are 30 patients on the waitlist. We are prioritizing by the age and condition of the patient. Some very hard choices are being made here.
  3. Is there an end in sight?
    ANSWER: We see no end in sight. Or at least in the coming months. The second wave is more severe and deadly than expected, and the mortality rate is higher than the first wave of the coronavirus. We are expecting that this second wave of the coronavirus curve may come down in September. According to news reports, India is seeing 350,000 covid-19 cases per day and rising, but the situation on the ground is much more different and the numbers are believed to be much higher.
  4. What will you do in the hospital once COVID 19 is over?
    ANSWER: In India, experts are saying that there could be 5 waves of coronavirus or more before it all subsides. Presently we are under the second wave of Covid-19. OnceCovid-19 is over, we will resume our normal operations, such as maternity care, emergency care, general consultations, laparoscopy, and other surgeries, etc.

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