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This is our New Life Charolais Farms at the NLEC Residential Training Center in New Bloomfield. One of the guys in the NLEC Residential Training Program writes this:

This is a working farm and one of the main projects is taking care of our Charolais cattle. Daily tasks included feeding and watering them and making sure they are alright. Most of them are okay and mind us but there is a few that will give us a problem no matter what.

We have three new baby calves, two heifers and one bull calf that was born this last week. Their mothers don’t want you anywhere around their babies and are very protective of them even with other cows. We have them registered with the American-International Charolais Association within about a week after they are born. The little ones will be coming up in the ranks for breeding in our herd.

We try to teach the men in at the training center how to watch them and learn how they react around them. One thing they learn is 198 lbs. doesn’t stand up against 1760 lbs of beef. They will send you for a loop. We have been working at getting the TSI’s up on our cattle. TSI stands for “Terminal Sire Index” which is a formal method of combining the genetic code on all registered cattle. All of our cattle are above 200 TSI now and we have a few that are in the top 3% of the breed.
We have come a long way with them. We give the newborns Biblical names, such as our bull is Samson’s Strength. We let God guide us in everything we do here and in everything, we give Him the glory!

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