Beginning in 1987 NLEC established an orphanage in Kakinada, South India to care for orphans.  Steadily this work grows to include a medical clinic, a school, street evangelism, and a feeding program.  From here, NLEC’s outreach program extends to, among other programs, several orphanages (caring for hundreds of abandoned children), schools (free, for about 400 poor children), feeding programs, medical clinics, assistance to lepers (including 200 leper families in Kakinada, who receive food provisions 12 times monthly, and attend weekly medical help programs).  Learn more.


NLEC has supported the Poor Children’s Assistance Project in Haiti for over 20 years.  The Poor Children’s Assistance Project is directed by Ricot Louis Juste.  Ricot took over his father Nicholas Louis Juste, who died in April 2009.  Mona Louis Juste, Nicholas Louis Juste’s wife, assists Ricot in the daily operations of the organization.

Pastor Nicholas had established more than 20 schools and churches, plus 4 orphanages throughout Haiti.  All, but one, of the buildings in the organization were destroyed by the earthquake in January 2010.  That building is currently the home of the 15 remaining orphans that the organization takes care of.   Learn more.


NLEC has run and supported humanitarian and evangelistic programs in Nigeria since 1978.  For over 30 years, NLEC Nigeria has continued its programs distributing garri (a popular West African food made from cassava tubers) and other food staples on a monthly basis, with special focus on widows, small children, the elderly and a local care home for the mentally ill.  Along with its feeding program, NLEC continued to support the Bible College it founded in Apapa Lagos.


NLEC continues to support the humanitarian efforts of Kathy Ribbs Ministries, an outreach to underprivileged, especially transient, children in Mongolia who otherwise could not afford official registration, and thereby were disqualified from attending public school.  Through this program, many children earned the qualification to enter school and receive the education crucial to their successful employment as adults.

The Philippines

Grace Evangelical Mission, Inc. (GEM), continued its primary work of evangelistic outreach throughout the Philippines via church-planting and Christian missionary work, especially in the Luzon Island area.  GEM has received financial support from NLEC for 11 years.

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