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Covid-19 has stolen the lives of millions around the world.

You can help save lives in India today!

New cases of Covid-19 are overwhelming hospitals in India. During the pandemic New Life Evangelistic Center- India opened a hospital to help serve the poor and homeless in India. This hospital critically needs 4 more ventilators to stop people from dying.

Can you imagine feeling alone and afraid, unable to breath in a little hut? That is the reality for the poor and homeless in India. They have no one to turn to, nowhere to go.

Every day, 4 to 6 people die in the New Life Evangelistic Center hospital because they don’t have enough ventilators. We need $60,000 immediately to supply 4 more ventilators and other lifesaving supplies. Every day our hospital uses over 200 cylinders of oxygen.

New Life Evangelistic Center needs you today! Only you can help save the lives of the poor in India. Please help by supporting life with New Life Evangelistic Center. Your gift is needed now more than ever before.


The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc in India. There is a tsunami of Covid-19 cases daily. 

This is the general ward in our Hospital. Where patients who are Covid-19 positive, and who have symptoms like shortness of breath and oxygen deprivation, are being treated with medical oxygen and Covid-19 medications. 

The more critical Covid-19 cases, who have Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), are being treated in the ICU. Geetha, a middle aged woman who is Covid-19 positive and a mother of four children, came to our hospital with critical oxygen saturation levels. She had widespread inflammation in the lungs and the chest cavity. The oxygen levels fell consistently below 90. She had stopped taking breath and went into hypoxemia. By the grace of God, and your continued prayers and support, we were able to get the oxygen saturation levels up to 94 with help of ventilator support and BiPAP machine support. She is recovering and her condition is stable. Her family gives many thanks to New Life and its supporters for helping their mother, Geetha, and giving her a New Life.

Save lives in India by supporting NLEC’s hospital. Four new ventilators are needed immediately. You can prevent deaths by supporting New Life Evangelistic Center today!

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