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Katrina is sleeping in her car, and needs an apartment before she can get her children back. Candal and her two children Davyane and Detroit, try to panhandle enough each day so they can get a hotel room. On those days when they don’t get enough money, they sleep outside on the ground or on park benches.

Michael, who has one arm, told Ray last week he is afraid what is going to happen this winter.  He said, “last winter was so cold.  I was lonely and depressed.  I got frost bite as I slept outside.  Life is just hell, but I still believe in Jesus.”

These are only three of the growing numbers of desperate individuals that Ray, myself and the rest of the NLEC first responders are meeting daily.  The approaching cold weather combined with the coronavirus pandemic makes it mandatory that we not only get these three individuals, but many others like them into a place of their own before Christmas.

The Home for Christmas program that is being launched by the New Life Evangelistic Center looks like an impossibility until we turn loose our faith.  It is then that miracles will begin for Monica and the many others who are hurting and homeless.

Monica broke into tears as she told me how she had been raped shortly after losing her apartment.  As she continued to live in her car someone stole the catalytic converter off the car.  Now, she lives in terror as it remains parked in one of the most violent neighborhoods in St. Louis.  This is her only place to sleep at night until we can help her on her deposit for an apartment.

Melva stood in socks as she related to Mark and myself her desperate need to be in a home in the immediate future.  Melva’s shoes were stolen as she was trying to survive on the streets with her five sons.  The judge said she would have to get into her own home in the immediate future or her youngest son would be taken.

The vision of placing the hundreds of homeless individuals that the NLEC team works with each week, into a place of their own, may seem like an impossibility.  The fact is, all things are possible for those who believe, as they let the love of God flow through them.

The multitude of hurting people New Life Evangelistic Center is working with, ended up homeless, one at a time.  The way we will help them be home by Christmas is helping them, one at a time.

Some like Candal needed a cell phone to take the first step towards freedom from the cycle of homelessness.  Upon learning this, she was immediately given one by the New Life first responders.  Others like Jessie need the same to take their first steps toward being home for Christmas.

Some are stranded travelers, who need transportation assistance to get back to their hometown.  Many of the homeless need metro-link tickets to look for employment.  Some like Jessica need the hospitality and community provided at the NLEC Safe Houses.  Joshua, who used to live in Carondelet Park, now is in the NLEC residential training program in New Bloomfield, Missouri.

The needs of every homeless person are different, and that is why our Pastoral team of counselors works with each one to help them get into their own place of residency.

In order to accomplish this goal, we need your help now.  Fifty Thousand Dollars must be raised by November 15, 2020 to help a minimum of 100 hurting people to be Home for Christmas.

Your gift of $100, $50, $250, $500, $1,000 or whatever you can share will be the answer to the prayers of the homeless.  Please let the love of God flow through you and share your much-needed gift today.  By partnering with New Life Evangelistic Center now, you will be helping those in need be Home for Christmas!

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Read about the Boyd Family, who recently received an early Christmas gift through our Home for Christmas program and visit from Rev. Larry Rice.

Please consider giving so that we can help others like the Boyds have a “Home for Christmas”.  

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