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Dear Friend,

Do you have any idea what it is like being a woman who is homeless in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? Crystal describes it this way, “I slept on the ground and under bridges, at Bus Stops and it was very dangerous, especially being a woman. There were times when I had nothing to eat, and times where I ate out of trash cans. I have taken showers behind buildings, wherever I could find water. With COVID-19 there isn’t a lot of places with restrooms open. So, I would have to hide in bushes to use the restroom and for a woman, it’s hard to hide every angle of yourself.”

Crystal was set free from living on the streets when she came into one of the safe houses operated by the New Life Evangelistic Center. So many women like Crystal are now needing refuge during this pandemic, that I must ask you to earnestly pray for the $250,000 that NLEC must raise by December 31st.

Without your prayerful involvement, NLEC won’t be able to respond to the cries for help that come from women like Naomi and Tammy.

After being in the hospital for several days, Naomi was released, but couldn’t go home because her mother was in the intensive care unit of another hospital. As Naomi was desperately using the phone to try to find some place to go, a NLEC first responder heard her cries of desperation. Within an hour, Naomi was welcomed into a New Life safe house where she is experiencing the love of Christ in action.
This miracle continues to take place as a result of the prayers and gifts of faithful partners like you. Your partnership is particularly critical when the needs of homeless people are increasing and donations are going down this holiday season due to COVID-19.

While NLEC has distributed 10,000 masks and hygiene kits to prevent COVID-19, it has had to work even harder to find space for domestic violence victims like Tammy. As quarantining mandates have gone into effect, the number of domestic violence cases have risen. Some, like Tammy are so violently beaten by their husbands and partners they are hospitalized. Then, when they are released from the hospital they often have nowhere to go except back to their abuser. That was Tammy’s dilemma until the hospital contacted NLEC. Now Tammy has a new family of believers who love her and protect her as she stays at the New Life Safe House.

The $250,000 that New Life Evangelistic Center needs by December 31st is essential in order that it may not only open another safe house, but that it can make necessary repairs on the existing houses, and acquire a 15-passenger van to take the women to 2428 Woodson Road where they are developing vital on-the-job training experience. New Life must also pay the taxes due on the existing houses as it tries to pay utility bills that are due. NLEC is also trying to help financially the women and children in the safe houses to get jobs and move into their own apartments.

One of those individuals is Audrey and her four children, who have been at a NLEC Safe House for an extended stay. New Life has helped Audrey find a job and now it needs to help her with her first month’s rent so she can make a transition into her own apartment.

Lonnie was beaten and robbed outside a Walgreens and after healing at the NLEC Safe House is ready to move into her own home. Each woman that moves forward after experiencing healing allows more room to be available to those who are in need. The fact is, the need is so great now during COVID-19 New Life must experience a financial miracle so it can continue to provide for all of the women coming to it for help and not turn anyone away. This involves believing God for the resources needed to open additional safe houses.

An example of this is Jessie who after being recently raped, was found in downtown St. Louis homeless. When a woman is left on the streets homeless for any period of time her children can be taken from her and placed in foster care. She will frequently then turn to alcohol, drugs and develop mental health problems that result in actions of desperation. An example of this was the homeless woman, who last week started slashing the tires of police cars with a box cutter so she would be arrested. She just couldn’t take sleeping in the cold on the sidewalks any longer.

Not only is New Life Evangelistic Center trying to save the lives of the homeless and hurting women in Mid-America, but also the men. These prodigal sons are enrolling in growing numbers at New Life’s residential training programs in Marshfield, Springfield and New Bloomfield.

Daily teams of NLEC first responders are going into the highways and by-ways distributing food, masks, coats, blankets, tents, canned heaters, and other emergency assistance to those living outside. As such distribution takes place the gospel is shared and an invitation is given to help the homeless break the cycle of homelessness.

In almost 49 years of work among the homeless I have never seen so many needs as I am now seeing during this time of COVID-19. It is for this reason that I am asking you to please pray about making a very special year-end tax deductible gift to New Life Evangelistic Center. Not only is NLEC trying to meet the desperate needs of the homeless it is presently facing, but it has a vision that in the New Year it will do even more to help those who have nowhere else to go.
Your gift of $250, $100, $500, $1,000, $2,500, or whatever you can give would be an answer to the prayers of those who remain homeless in our community. With your help and prayers, New Life Evangelistic Center can continue to be there in 2021 when people are hurting and homeless.

Yours in Christ,

Larry Rice

PS Thank you so very much for your faithful partnership in the past. As you have let the love of God flow through your gifts and prayers so many desperate women, children and men have received hope and help both now and for all eternity. As we move through the New Year we must continue to work together to let God’s love flow through us into the lives of those who are crying out to Him for help amidst COVID-19. May God truly bless you and your family in a very special way in the coming New Year.

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