When you donate your house to New Life Evangelistic Center, it is transformed into a “safe house”.

That’s because we use them to provide shelter for our Residential Program Members and Safe House guests or find new homes for tax-deductible auto donations, and we use the money raised to fund our critical programs. This means we can provide more meals, shelter and lasting hope to the men, women and children who need it most.

It’s a very simple process

You contact us and tell us the good news – that you are ready to donate your house to help others – that you are ready to turn your house into an act of charity, an act of kindness, a gift for your community.

That’s when we schedule a time for you to come to our headquarters to complete the donation of your house (likely that very day!). We then process all of the paperwork, provide a receipt and send you on your way.

And you get to know that your donated house will directly benefit those who need help in your community.

On behalf of those we serve, thank you for your generosity, for making your house your charity…and for saving lives!

For quick response call us at (314) 421-3020 or you can contact us via the contact form but we may not see it immediately.

Donating Assets

    Fill out the form which is progressive and will show more as you progress.

    VehicleHouse or PropertyStocks/BondsJewelry and Coin CollectionsElectronicsOther