NLEC has a lengthy history of providing disaster relief assistance in the US and ten countries which provides preparedness and response for mass care, short and long-term shelter, medical health, mental health, pastoral and spiritual care, disaster relief essential needs; and service to volunteers.

Within the provisions of the Stafford Act, NLEC Disaster Relief is a “relief and disaster assistance organization”  and a “Private Nonprofit Facility”; and under this Act is authorized to coordinate with the emergency services community and coordinate with all other organizations active in disaster to provide disaster preparedness and response.

NLEC Disaster Relief is not a first responder; rather, it supports the community relief, and has the ability to provide both immediate emergency assistance and long term recovery help.

NLEC Disaster Relief’s goal is to meet the basic needs of those who have been affected by disasters, including disaster victims, survivors, and impacted families (including the assistance of persons housing disaster victims). These basic needs include material comfort, physical comfort, emotional comfort and spiritual comfort.

The principal services provided by NLEC Disaster Relief are:

  • Emergency Shelter
    • Short Term
    • Long Term
  • Disaster Mental Health (Psychological and Ministry)
    • Disaster Victims
    • Disaster Volunteers and Staff
  • Disaster Health
    • First Aid
    • Medical assistance
      • Prescriptions
  • Mass Care
    • Feeding Service
  • Disaster Social Services
    • Direct financial assistance
    • Essential living supplies
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Bedding
    • Baby products
  • Disaster Renewable Energy
    • Solar, bio-diesel
  • Disaster Church Collaboration
  • Systemic & Economic Disaster
    • Breaking the cycle of homelessness