Nicole & Sophie

The compassionate partners in the work of New Life Evangelistic Center are like guardian angels to the hurting and homeless.  Because of the NLEC compassionate partners, Nicole and Sophie had a place to flee to from domestic violence.  Sheila came to a New Life Safe House after she was released from the hospital.

Like guardian angels, those who are faithfully sharing with New Life Evangelistic Center, are making it possible for the New Life first responders to go the streets daily, rescuing the hungry and homeless during the coronavirus pandemic.


On a hot summer day in June the NLEC first responders and myself found Avis on the street and invited her to come and live in one of the New Life Safe Houses.  Avis quickly agreed.  Avis says, “With the help of New Life Evangelistic Center, I know God has a plan for me.  Now I am telling others who are homeless, “don’t give up! Your due date is coming.  Mine did.”

Now I must ask you to please pray for Avis and the other homeless, who need NLEC’s help at this time. As a result of your prayers and financial gifts to New Life Evangelistic Center the NLEC Staff to go out daily, in the midst of COVID-19, to rescue God’s lost and lonely homeless people.


Peggy, a victim of domestic violence was sleeping on the streets and in vacant buildings when she came to New Life Evangelistic Center.  She says, “NLEC was the only place that I could find that were doing anything for the homeless during the coronavirus shutdown.  Everyplace else had shut their doors.  When I came to the New Life Evangelistic Center, they put me in one of their Safe Houses.  I have a bed to sleep in, a place to put my belongings, a hot shower, bathroom and a place to draw closer to God.”

If it were not for the compassionate partners of New Life Evangelistic Center, these women along with others, could have died alone and forgotten.  This Summer, the homeless urgently need you to partner with NLEC so that, in the midst of the coronavirus, God may use your generosity in a mighty way.

When I first came upon Kevin, as he was laying on the grass, I thought he was dead.  I don’t usually wake those who are asleep, but Kevin looked totally lifeless.  When he finally woke up, I shared with him my concern for his well-being, as I gave him food and water.  When I told Kevin about our residential training program he declared that was what he urgently needed.  Kevin’s life had been one of violence, imprisonment and survival.  Now Kevin not only has a bed, and a new family, but is growing in his faith as he experiences God’s purpose for his life.


Linda said when she was homeless with no place to go, “I was always looking for a miracle in my life.  The fact that I didn’t have a place to go and now I do, is because NLEC has taken me in to one of their safe houses.  As a result, I have received the miracle that I had been looking for.”

Words cannot express what a joy it is to witness the miracles that the prayers and gifts of NLEC partners like you are making possible.  God’s love is directly flowing through each of you into the lives of the homeless and hurting, as you faithfully share with New Life Evangelistic Center.

This summer New Life has experienced additional financial challenges as it tries to meet the daily needs of providing for the homeless, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. It is for that reason, I must ask you to earnestly pray about sharing a special summer gift with New Life Evangelistic Center.

There are so many more Peggy’s, Linda’s, Nichole’s and Kevin’s out there who need help now.  Not only must the New Life first responders go out daily in your behalf sharing water, food, masks, ice, hygiene kits and other emergency supplies, but they must be able to continue to invite the homeless into the NLEC Safe Houses.  All of this is costing New Life Evangelistic Center thousands of dollars each and every day.

Now New Life needs compassionate partners like you who will share their much-needed summer gifts of $100, $50, $250, $500, $,1000 or whatever you can give.  Many who give during the holiday season forgot how vital their gifts are this Summer of COVID-19.

The fact is I can’t, nor can my faithful NLEC workers, be there when people are hurting without the love of God working through our compassionate partners.  They are like guardian angels who are directly helping God’s homeless people.  Please let us hear from you today.

Yours in Christ’s service to the homeless and hurting.

Larry Rice

P.S.  Keep New Life Evangelistic Center in your prayers.  Pray that God will raise up additional compassionate NLEC partners, who will join us in responding like guardian angels, to the pleas for help from the homeless for help during this coronavirus crisis.

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