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Help save homeless children in the St. Louis area by joining the Bread and Shelter Club.

For only $0.40 a day, just $12 a month, you can help provide a home for children like Jaden, Justise, Junior, Journee and Corey at the New Life Evangelistic Center Safe Houses.

Your $0.40 a day also helps provide MetroLink tickets, food, clothing, training opportunities and much more for the homeless in our community.

Those who are experiencing homelessness are our neighbors, our friends, and our responsibility to care for.  Homelessness is a community issue, and together we can transform lives forever.

By joining Bread and Shelter Club, you can be a part of the solution.

As a Club 24 Giving Partner you are providing support for

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Women and children fleeing domestic violence regardless of the time of night

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A stable home for children experiencing homelessness

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Rehabilitation and job training for men and women to prepare them to regain their lives

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The tools needed to get people off the streets permanently

About gifts:

Your gifts go a long way in helping us to help those in need.

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Give Monthly

This is a recurring gift option, and as such a recurring gift to NLEC will be withdrawn from your account on a monthly or yearly basis depending on your selection above.

You can also send your gift to: P. O. Box 473, St. Louis, MO 63166

For further information, you can call (314) 421-3020.