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Dear Friend,


As thousands of people die daily in India due to COVID-19, their children are left homeless orphans. Such was the case for 6-year-old Kondra whose parents died in April of 2020. Alone without family, he was sold into slavery and made to work at a stone quarry. Day after day Kondra carried stones from the quarry to the loading truck, until he was rescued by the NLEC workers in India. When he was placed in New Life Evangelistic Center’s orphanage in Southern India, Kondra’s body was covered with bruises. Now, he has a smile on his face because of the medical attention, clothes, bedding and toys he has received at this refuge for homeless children.


Since 1988, New Life Evangelistic Center has been providing hope and help to the hurting and hungry children in India. Now your partnership is absolutely critical for children like six-year-old Dasari whose parents died a month ago from COVID-19. After they died Dasari was destined to become another sex trafficking victim until she was rescued and taken to New Life’s orphanage in Kakanada. When Dasari first arrived, she was traumatized by the death of her parents. Now, Dasari is happy at her new home that caring partners like you have helped provide for her.


It costs $50 a month to provide for an orphan like five-year-old Kundu. Recently her parents were cremated in a large-scale cremation after they died from COVID-19. While NLEC volunteers were conducting a feeding program for the children they found Kundu and discovered she was an abandoned orphan. After Kundu was admitted to the orphanage in the New Life Evangelistic Center’s City of Refuge, her world of depression was turned upside down into one of hope in a matter of days.


We must do everything we can to help these orphaned children. Without the help of caring people like you, these orphans will end up as scavengers in the city dump, slaves in the stone quarries, or if they are girls like five-year-old Genda, sexually exploited through human trafficking.

Genda’s father was a fisherman who succumbed to COVID-19 during the first wave of the pandemic. In order to survive Genda’s mother cleaned houses. As she did this Genda’s mother contracted COVID-19. By the time she discovered she had the symptoms it was too late and she died leaving Glenda an orphan. Glenda was then brought to the NLEC orphanage.

In order to continue to help these children, New Life Evangelistic Center must receive $10,000 by June 12th for its work in India. This will provide for the 200 orphans and make it possible for New Life to receive additional children who are becoming orphans as a result of COVID-19.


Five-year-old Dasari is one of those who need you to partner with New Life Evangelistic Center at this time. Dasari’s father died two years ago when a cyclone struck as he was fishing to provide for his family. Recently Dasari’s mother and grandparents died from COVID-19. He was then brought to the NLEC orphanage, weak with malnutrition. How do we tell children like Dasari we do not have the resources to provide for them?

With 10 to 15 children in almost every village in India losing both parents due to COVID-19, New Life must now raise the money needed to keep these two orphanages open and help the homeless children who are coming to NLEC daily.

Please earnestly pray for New Life Evangelistic Center as the orphans in India are coming to New Life with nowhere else to go. We must continue to move forward together by faith. Your gift of $150 will provide for three children, who without their parents, have only New Life Evangelistic Center’s orphanage to come to.

Let us now together, do what Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me and forbid them not,” as we provide for the orphans in their time of need. Your gift to New Life Evangelistic Center’s orphanages in India will be the answer to the prayers of these hurting and homeless children.

Yours in Christ,

Larry Rice


PS In conclusion I would like to share with you this cry for help that I received from Paparao, our NLEC director in India. “These children are literally crying because they learned that they may have to go back to the streets again due to the closing of the orphanage for lack of funds. They are praying to Jesus morning and evening one hour each for help to come to them so that they can stay in the orphanage. By seeing their tears, I too cried out to God and spent time with them in prayer – asking God to open the doors of heaven with His helping hands. I cannot bear to see their suffering and fear. If the girls go to the streets again they will have to beg for food. Many of these girls will be ruined and sold away to the brothel houses. The boys will become scavengers, slaves or thieves in order to survive. I want these children to stay in the orphanage – in the light of Jesus. Please help them!”

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