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There are growing numbers of homeless people who are daily depending on the New Life Evangelistic Center first responders for help.  Christie explains why now we must do even more for those who have no homes, “Winter is coming, and we need to get prepared.  The homeless need socks, gloves, hats, and a backpack to put them in.  It is enough of a struggle being homeless, but more of a struggle to keep warm and dry.  Hygiene kits are also a vital necessity in helping me to keep clean.”

For the sake of Christie, Leo, and the hundreds of homeless people like them in our community, this year please celebrate Socktober during this month of October.

I will never forget that day when Leo came into the New Life Evangelistic Center for help.  Since he had no gloves, Leo told the staff his fingers were numb to the extent he had no feeling in them.  Then he went into the men’s restroom to wash his hands.  When he came out the staff present were shocked by what they saw and immediately brought Leo to me.  Where there were once ten fingers, there were now ten stubs.  His frozen fingers had broken off into the sink.

I never forgot that scene.  Leo standing, staring at the stumps where his fingers once existed.  We had to take all his clothes and where there were buttons, put Velcro so he could close them after he struggled to get dressed.

After that, I noticed that I could tell which of the homeless had spent significant amounts of time sleeping outside, by those who had lost the tips of their ears, nose, fingers or toes due to frost bite.  It was then that I was determined to do everything I could to gather as many gloves, socks, hats, backpacks, scarves, winter boots, insulated underwear, coats, sleeping bags, blankets, hygiene kits and tents that I could, to help the homeless survive each winter.

The New Life Staff who are on the streets daily feeding the homeless continue to see so many women and men like Linda who need help.  Linda says that “Even though it is not winter yet, I stay cold.  I need wool hats and gloves to help keep me warm both indoors and especially outdoors.  I need a new sleeping bag to provide comfort and warmth as I sleep on the cold ground.  Thick blankets would be a blessing also.  Plus, a backpack can reduce the number of smaller bags I have to carry.”

For the sake of Christie, Linda, and many others like Leo who could lose their fingers, toes, or even die this winter, please respond now, and share your most generous gift during this Socktober.

Your gift of $35.00 allows New Life Evangelistic Center to give a sleeping bag along with a backpack filled with socks, gloves, hats, care kits of hygiene items, hand warmers and other essential items the homeless need for surviving during the cold winter days and nights.

We call these emergency supplies, Bundles of Love.  But it isn’t just the items mentioned that we are able to give.  We are also able to invite the homeless that we find into our safe houses and residential training programs.

The homeless women like Christi and Linda and men like Leo are all waiting on your response today.  For each $105 gift you share, New Life Evangelistic Center can help three homeless people.

Please partner with New Life Evangelistic Center and help me provide for God’s homeless men, women, and children.  This is your opportunity to truly make a big difference for good in the lives of those Jesus said, “As often as you have done it for the least of these you have done it unto me” (Matthew 25:40).

P.S. Your response by October 25th will make it possible for the NLEC first responders to help God’s hurting and homeless children with the emergency supplies they need to survive.  If you have sleeping bags, blankets, backpacks, gloves, socks, and other emergency items we can give directly to the homeless, please bring them to 2428 Woodson Road in Overland, Missouri.  For further information call (314) 421-3020 or go to  Your prayers and gifts to NLEC are making a big difference for good in the lives of the homeless and hurting throughout mid-America.


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